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I first met Olivia through one of her shamanic circles at the Open Center, and felt so stunned at the level of emotional clarity I felt from the initial clearing ceremony that I immediately wanted to work with her privately.  I'm a Reiki master, and I've experienced bodywork of all types, but the 50-minute healing I got from Olivia last fall was one of the most intensely powerful healings I've ever experienced - I can't even imagine what a full two-hour session would feel like!  I felt transformed afterwards in ways I can't quite describe - I almost felt like I was in a trance afterward, with my whole body abuzz - though once I took the requisite herbal bath the following day I came down from that and just felt *even.*  I was surprised to find that I didn't want bodywork again, of any type, for quite a while after the healing - I just felt balanced, like I didn't need it.  Olivia helped me clear out some powerful grief remaining from a miscarriage, and to open me up emotionally and physically to the possibility of a successful pregnancy (I'm pregnant now).  And in a fascinating side note, she did some emotional "cord cutting" to break my ties with my prior partners, and I got to see that in action when an ex-boyfriend moved into my neighborhood.  When I saw him again, I was amazed and curious to find that I felt absolutely nothing for him beyond friendliness - it was almost disconcerting, to feel so completely separate and free from this person whom I'd shared a 3-year live-in relationship with - and I only realized in hindsight that it wasn't me suppressing my emotions, but Olivia's healing that had made that possible - incredible!  I'd highly recommend a healing with Olivia to anyone interested in exploring alternative healing modalities.

- Stephanie K.

Olivia's open heart and healing hands have allowed me to heal the emotional issues that were stuck in my body. She was a "witness" to the pain that I had suffered and has allowed me to move forward in my emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Bless you Olivia!

- Linda L.

I joined the program with the intention of healing old wounds that were still affecting me deeply. What I got out of the program was so much more. I learned a lot about myself, discovered my gifts and gained tools to heal myself and others. In addition to connecting more deeply with my own spirit, I developed my connection to nature and the Universe. At the completion of the program, I felt grounded and fully integrated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Condor Medicine is a transformational journey of self-discovery and immense growth. The positive change was so great that the benefits rippled outward to my friends and family.

Olivia is a wonderful teacher with an amazing ability to create a sacred space where you will feel safe and supported throughout the process of change. She is encouraging and nurturing, but will also challenge you when needed. Olivia teaches with great integrity and a loving heart. I am very grateful for Olivia's guidance and support throughout the program.

- N. N.

Walking in with candida throughout my body, I had little hope of this woman Olivia could help me find comfort and a cure. Four weeks later, there was no candida in my body, without taking antibiotics, Olivia is truly an amazing healer.

- Gregg P.

My chronic pain in my back, turned out to be linked to not having any support from my husband or family. Olivia rattled and drummed over me, which brought me relief for the first time in months. Her guidance and awareness in how I hold onto things, she gave me helpful "tools" to better manage my stresses. Thank you Olivia, aho!

- Lisa B.

My experience as an appentice in Olivia's Accelerated Path: Peruvian Condor Medicine, was that I received a radically tranformative adventure in the healing of my mind, body & spirit, as well as an in depth learning of the Pachacuti Mesa tradition. Olivia is well versed in multiple shamanic practices, & a strong maestra, who was able to keep us focused & grounded throughout our experience, even through some deep emotional work. This program is worth so much more than the tuition if one considers the strength that is gained from working on one's "stuff". I discovered so much about myself and found healing in so many of the patterns that hold me back & laid rest to past traumas. She guided us through journeys that required deep honest introspection into the self, and kept sacred space for our heartfelt emotions. I recommend this program without hesitation to anyone who wishes to heal, grow & help thier communities, to be in communion with the earth & the cosmos, and to foster a connection to the life force energy that surrounds us all, to feel connected to everything that walks, crawls, flys or swims, in the seen & unseen worlds. I cannot express enough my sincerest gratitude and love for my teacher, Olivia Olkowski. Aho!

- Luz A.

Jewelry to help heal me? I thought that she was nuts asking me to feel the power and energy from crystals. As it turns out, one of Olivia's PowerPieces© really did "crack open" my heart, and removed the heavy heartache from my husband’s recent passing. I feel one-hundred pounds lighter after only 4 days wearing this gem of a gem. Blessings Olivia, for your amazing creations, I am still trying to comprehend how they work.

- Cynthia V.

Last year I found myself unemployed and "stuck" not knowing what to do in life. The feng shui consultation that I had with Olivia was unexpected and amazing. With the space clearing, blessings, and hand-on-healing; Olivia worked on clearing my home and my body. She even worked on ancestral issues with my Grandmother, the Matriarch of the family, the cause of many deep family wounds from my father's side, that were handed down to me. By the time Olivia left, my head and heart felt so much lighter. Her insights into the unseen world is uncanny and indescribably true. Thank you again Olivia, for "holding space in my space". Forever grateful.

- Laura S.

The things that Olivia shared with me and the breathwork that Olivia taught me, I believe saved my life. Having breast cancer removed and reconstructive surgery at the same time "turned-on" my Graves Disease and IBS. The far-infrared therapy was amazing. While Olivia was working on my feet, I felt the healing energy in my belly, which she could not touch physically due to my surgery for reconstructing my breast. The ceremony and breathwork that I learned from her allowed me to release many of my fears surrounding my situation. Her insight and kindness, allowed me to love myself again, and I am forever grateful for her patience in teaching me how to breath properly for good health and clear myself from emotions

- Denise E.

I am forever grateful to Olivia’s insights that I needed help, even though at the time I didn’t comprehend the full extent of my issues. In one session, she removed a nasty entity, which turned out had been making me feel suicidal, depressed and manic over my boyfriend. I was not in my right mind, not in control of myself, and she saw this and treated me the day that I met her. Only after this dark being was removed did I only realize how much energy it was sucking from me and controlling my thoughts. As a reiki practitioner, I thought I knew how not to pick up energies. Olivia's patience and helpful tips on how to clear myself has allowed me to grow as a healer and not attract unwanted energies.

- Pamela C.

A friend of mine told me about the New Life Expo, I've been curious about alternative methods of healing. Olivia’s workshop was the first one for the day. I thought it was interesting. After walking from vendor to vendor, near lunchtime, I asked Olivia for a mini-healing session at her booth. I didn’t think it was going to help me, but the next day I felt a change. All my problems didn’t go away, but there was a change in the intensity of the panic attacks that I got daily. You see, I have schizoaffective disorder, and these attacks started when I was 12 years old. I am 35 years old now. I started depression medication when I was 17 years old, and started the meds for schizophrenia when I was 23 or 24. I have very strong fear and anger issues that I have been holding on to and can’t let go. I go to Olivia once a month for a healing session and have experienced a great improvement.  Olivia has done soul retrieval session with me and has taken me on shamanic journeys, using the drum and rattles. She has taught me how to become grounded. Olivia works with her hands allowing a metaphysical healing by getting rid of blockages and negative energies. She has given me homework assignments to improve certain areas of my life. Olivia has also helped me with the feng shui of the apartment I am moving into soon, on my own and out of the disability housing system. I feel Olivia is a very strong effective healer who has helped me immensely.

- M. S.

Having a soul retrieval helped mend a trauma from my childhood. I really didn't know what to expect, would it be scary, hurt? Would I laugh thinking this weird work is a bull****? After Olivia stopped rattling, I felt energy coming back into my body, and taking that first breath, I realized that I have not felt that relaxed and open since I was 5 years old. Olivia's compassion, laughter and strength during my healing session allowed me the space to heal this old wound, that I didn't realize how much burden I was carrying. Thank you deeply

- Fred N.

I liken of my sessions with Olivia to a trip to a spa. While I don’t have any physical ailments, I do know my energy needs a boost and a spring clean every month. Her powerful Shamanic work always leaving me feeling lighter, more energized and clearer.

- Dawn S.

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