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Over the years, my healing work has evolved to a line of powerful and exclusive products specifically designed to support my clients in continuing to self-heal.

I have created PowerPieces©, an exquisite handmade jewelry collection, using untreated gem stones that assist the wearer in holding a higher vibrational state of well-being energy.

Through my travels I have been fortunate to collect rarely seen shamanic items, textiles, and crystals. I am blessed to have many things come my way that I am now able to offer others doing spiritual work.

Other handmade items created by myself or other shamanic practitioners include: smudge fans, a blend of herbal and resin mix for space clearing, medicine pouches, "power" tools and many other offerings can be found on oholivia.com my handcrafted healing jewelry web store.

My offerings list is still a work in progress, and items will be added each month. Please view my unique shaman offerings, Sacred Wear, Home Wear, Altar Wear, from the link below:

If you are looking for something specific, or need guidance on how
to further you on your life-path, please contact me below—

Spirit Rock Shamanic Healing / Olivia Olkowski
Multi-dimensional Energy Healing • Shamanic Healing

By appointment only 917.215.4866  oolkowski@mac.com

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