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Sacred Space

Despacho, ritual/blessing offering created for special protection.
Many indigenous cultures have traditional ceremonies and rituals that use the energies from Nature to balance out our surroundings, our souls and our minds.

Nature has her own way of clearing our heads, by taking in the earth under our feet, the trees rustling in the wind and supporting our backs to lean on; the lullaby of the ocean; the vastness of the blue sky to open our thinking; the winds to clear out our daily thoughts.

Our homes and spaces that we reside in, support us in our daily lives. Some spaces may be overburdened with items of clutter, patterns, emotions—which may cause confusion, distraction or depression. These energies can prevent one from getting a job, finding a mate, or having good health.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching that was used to guide Emperors centuries ago in placing their palaces or homes for optimum heal, wealth and well-being.

During a feng shui consultation, Olivia addresses your main concerns and issues and works on adjusting the energy of your home or business to open up your life and allow change to happen. By creating a customized profile for you, we'll discover how you connect with those particular areas in your life and what can be done to strengthen them to create support.

Olivia tracks how "chi” (energy) moves throughout the space by examining floor plans and an on-site review of your home and business. Blocked or missing areas a space can affect your own body’s energy over time and manifest problems or difficulties in your life.

During your feng shui consultation, Olivia will offer specific remedies to correct these situations and bring more harmony to your environment. She will also teach you how to empower your life to create a more positive change. At times she may perform certain Space Clearing rituals and blessings to address a particular focus that may arise in your consult.

After the initial consultation, follow-up appointments will be made via the telephone. Any questions pertaining to the initial consultation are included in your fee.

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