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Olivia Olkowski    Multi-dimensional Healing • Shamanic Healing • New York NY

Shamanic Healing

Photo by: Cris Parque

Every energy healing session with Olivia is unique based upon the needs of the client. Working with her Spirit Guides and Masters, along with her diverse modalities, she creates space/time for the healing to manifest.

Her sensitivity to knowing when someone has encountered serious traumas helps pinpoint where energies have become attached to the persons’ physical and spiritual bodies. This attachment may have weakened their system, allowing stagnant energy and disease to set in. Her ability to work in multi-dimensions allows her to remove inappropriate energies and hold sacred space for the body’s vibration to adjust to its natural state of balance and wellbeing.

For a client who has experienced traumas from life-events, Soul Retrieval (done as a separate session) allows all the pieces of the soul to return, gaining strength, direction and wholeness of your birthright.

A private Journey Work session aids you to connecting with your Spirit Guides. On the journey, you learn about your “shadows” that have prevented you from healing your ‘patterns’ to move forward in life. Journey Work is a great tool for self-development.

Olivia facilitates many powerful Blessing and Ritual Ceremonies that can adjust the energy in your environment. She is also available for Feng Shui Consultations to realign the energy of your home or business to assist you in achieving your goals, moving forward on your life-path, raising your vibration, self-awareness and allowing self-healing to occur.

SERVICES  • Shamanic Healing Session • Soul Retrieval • Extractions • DNA Restoration
• Space Clearing • Blessings and Rituals • Feng Shui Consultation for Private and Corporate

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